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Where Can I Find Cobrowsing Software for My Website

Before you go off and explore cobrowsing software for your website, it’s necessary to establish what type of business you have and the online customer service needs which will affect your choice of features.

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Cobrowsing software

1) B2B Category

If you are in this category, then customer service needs can be quite diverse and challenging. B2B companies have to provide quick services starting from product trial to final sale. Examples of the most common B2B products include SaaS Software (for professional use), industrial products, commercial services, etc.

The cobrowsing features best matched to these requirements are as below:

  • Highlight Feature — With this feature, the support team can guide web visitors in the right direction.
  • No additional downloads — While selecting cobrowsing software, make sure no additional downloads are needed. This is more than just a feature, it’s a requirement. When you don’t have to download 3rd party software or additional plugins, the support process is much smoother.
  • Single Session Solution — In the B2B product purchase process, users often have to pass through a variety of channels to contact the appropriate person. With this feature, the support team can solve any query within a single session through a shared web page.

2) E-commerce Category

Many e-commerce websites aren’t aware of cobrowsing features and rely on self-service elements like FAQs, forums and traditional contact forms. E-commerce customer service needs are always customer-centric.

The cobrowsing features best matched to these requirements are as below:

  • Sales Support — The support team can guide customers all the way from product selection to checkout leading to a reduction in cart abandonment rate.
  • Mask Fields — This is the most important feature every e-commerce website should look for when selecting cobrowsing software. With this feature, customers can hide their sensitive information (credit card details) from agents, ensuring complete control of personal data.
  • Change PagesE-commerce support teams can help users navigate the whole website with the ability to switch pages for them.

Talking about the cobrowsing software recommendation, I personally prefer to Acquire Cobrowsing Software.

It has all the features for B2B and E-commerce combined. So, for example, If you are an e-commerce startup, you don’t have to purchase additional plugins for different features and the same goes for B2B.

For additional usage and tips on using cobrowsing software, explore the previous 💎 here below:

There are also alternative cobrowsing softwares available in the market.

1) UpScope

2) My Live Chat

3) Usefirefly

4) Kana

5) EGain

6) Surfly

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Where can I find cobrowsing software for my website?

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