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  • Damian Hill

    Damian Hill

    Enjoying Life In New Zealand

  • Al Stansfield (The Blind Marketer)

    Al Stansfield (The Blind Marketer)

    Hey guys/gals, hope your doing good? So, I'm a Shit-Hot Copywriter, Content Marketer, Blogger, Super Affiliate, Digital Marketer, Author and Coaching Mentor.

  • Sawaram Suthar

    Sawaram Suthar

    Entrepreneur, CMO at Acquire, and Founder of TheNextScoop. Chatbot, NLP, Customer Service & Digital Marketing Are Favorite Niches

  • Shrushti Shah

    Shrushti Shah

  • Chris Bergen

    Chris Bergen

    Award-winning manager | Top Writer in Leadership and contributor at The Startup, The Helm and more | I’m into 80’s metal, Sci-Fi and Fitness 🤟🏼

  • Jaime Shine

    Jaime Shine

    Owner of Clearly Conveyed Communications. Marketer, writer & social media strategist for hire. Inbound certified. Coffee drinker, nature lover and sports fan.

  • Gleven


    E-commerce specialist at Elogic Commerce, working with Magento platform. We provide a custom extension development, migrations and website optimizations.

  • Casimiro Designer

    Casimiro Designer

    I’m Writing Creative Content and Blog Posts

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