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Artificial intelligence is a disruptive technology that has positively affected all aspects of businesses across sectors. Read how it is transforming the finance sector.

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With the advancement in technology, we will see AI flourishing in the coming time. Let’s look at the future of Artificial Intelligence in the year 2021

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Natural Language Processing

Here’s my take on some of the modern-day natural language processing applications for businesses.

user engagement

user engagement model

The write-up explores the four stages of the user engagement model that remain the same regardless of your business type or size.

Real Estate Chatbot

real estate chatbot

The real estate sector is going through stiff competition and real-time support is the necessity for survival. Explore how a chatbot can support you to sustain here!

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big data

Big data solutions are beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses. They help you to make data-driven decisions.

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Great customer experience cannot be provided in bits and pieces. It has to be great across all the phases of a sales journey. In this blog, I will discuss exactly how that is done while leveraging chatbot.

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For the care of my customers, I apply a host of tools to my customer engagement strategies like live chat, unified inbox, chatbots, video chats, voice calls, Analytics, etc. If you were to ask which tool is my favorite out of all — I would say the chatbot.

Customer Service Revolution with Chatbot
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Find out the actionable tips on boosting the level of customer service standards and enhancing the CX(Customer Experience) with a chatbot

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