7 Customer Support Tips For Upcoming Christmas 🎅🎄 & New Year 🎊Holidays

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We’re fast approaching the peak of holiday shopping and preparation. It is, arguably, the most important time for any retailer, seeing a surge in sales across all sectors and markets thanks to all the gifts and merchandise purchased for our loved ones and homes. While this surge means good business, it also keeps retail and e-commerce platforms on their toes as they try and deliver the best shopping experience to every buyer despite the big rush.

This brings any retail business face-to-face with the daunting task of providing perfect customer support during the holiday season.

Here are seven smart tips for creating a great support experience during the holidays to help you sail through the challenge and make sure the holiday spirit isn’t dampened for you or your customers:

1. Create a concrete plan

It’s no secret that bad customer service can make customers quickly rethink their loyalties. On the other hand, the huge influx of buyers in the holiday season is a great opportunity to expand your customer base. Oftentimes, the quality of customer support and service can be the difference between expansion and loss.

Since a surge in buyers during this time of year is inevitable, it’s wise to come up with a concrete plan to handle the increased demand for customer support well in advance.

2. Chatbots are the new elves

A chatbot works tirelessly around the clock to help you navigate the holiday period without adversely impacting your CSAT scores. It also saves your employees from the frustration of answering the same questions over and over again, thereby, preventing their morale from nose-diving.

3. Integrate live chat support strategically

Live chat support is especially crucial for e-commerce platforms. In addition to chatbots designed to address generic queries, investing in a system live chat support manned by humans goes a long way in achieving higher customer satisfaction.

4. Experiment with video messages

Research indicates that people are drawn to video content more than the written word in the virtual world. Tap into this power to engage, using the medium to offer any new customer a complete rundown of your store and services.

Instead of waiting for a new user to navigate your site until they find what they need, greet them with video messages highlighting your holiday specials and leading them that way. It’s a bit like having a virtual salesperson for your customer base.

Holidays present a lucrative opportunity to attract customers and drive up sales, but that brings with it the extra pressure of delivering on customer support.

Head over below for additional tips.

Seven tips for Customer Support during the Holidays

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Written By Sawaram Suthar

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