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5️⃣ Examples of Lead Generation 🧲 Activities For B2B & SaaS Companies

Here are some examples of innovative lead generation activities that will skyrocket your sales in 2020.

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1. Triggered Messages From Chatbots 🤖

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AI-enabled chatbot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbots can be great onboarding support when it comes to offering a warm welcome to new visitors and will ensure your SaaS or B2B website makes an impression.

With a chatbot, you can set up predefined conditions to trigger messages when visitors arrive on a specific landing page. You could send particular offers and coupon codes to users when they land on product/service or pricing page for example.

For Example, Jason Swenk wanted to boost lead generation and speed up the sales of his online coaching business. He integrated a messenger bot with his playbook page and pursued only highly qualified leads to convert into customers.

Within 2 months of integration, the sales of the program doubled, with revenue up to $250,000

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2. Real-Time Support Via Live Chat Tool

Vtldesign found that 91% of users liked live chat after real-time communication with a customer support agent and 63% of users would like to return to a website that offers live chat to assist with queries. Furthermore, it supported them in making a purchase decision.

A live chat widget on your website can boost your lead generation efforts through the following:

  • Real-time communication
  • Great mobile experience
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  • Reduced wait times = reduced bounce rate = higher probability of lead generation
  • Proactive chat invitation to the user based on predefined triggers
  • CRM integration with live chat provides a holistic customer view, making it easy for companies to identify user requirements, interests, behaviors, etc.
  • Analytics and access to insights

3. Investment in On-page SEO

There are lots of misconceptions regarding SEO, that it’s just there for boosting website ranking on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). But it’s more than that.

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Apart from focusing on ranking, you can work on converting visits to leads. Specifically, on-page SEO requires you to optimize the content for keywords that visitors use while searching online.

Based on your long-tail keywords strategy, redefined technical structure, and investment in “time”, you will see your website hits go up, helping you towards your lead generation objectives.

  1. Title and meta description
  2. Headline tag
  3. On-page content
  4. Image alt text
  5. International SEO based optimization

Head over below for more examples.

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